3 thoughts on “Hunters Sty Bridge, Westerdale

  1. great site, some interesting stuff. does anyone else know of information on the knights templar in the north east?

  2. There was supposedly a Templars Receptory in the Westerdale area, like the one at Aysgarth [SE035887].

    It’s locations seems to have been lost though.
    A possible location is the small structures near Esklets [NZ657018]

    There are some interesting gravestones in Westerdale churchyard belonging to Freemasons.

  3. What on earth would the Templars be doing in Westerdale.. or even the North East?? Not saying they were never there but maybe it’s a tenuous link. One or two Knight Templar’s might have visited the area “drumming up support”.. Hope I’m wrong.

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