White Cross

The cross is at the junction of Commondale road with the road from Castleton to Lockwood Beck, although looking around the landscape you can see this has been a major junction long before tarmac roads.

The base of the cross is medieval, the shaft is an 18th century dressed stone replacing the original cross now in the Whitby Museum.

White Cross Castleton / Commondale
Coins left on White Cross Castleton / Commondale

I was happy to see some coins on the top, which is something my grandfather always encouraged me to do as a child.


Cobble Hall Lime Kilns

The kilns are adjacent to the remains of a quarry, and can be found fairly easily from the Commondale road.

Cobble Hall Lime Kiln
Cobble Hall Lime Kilns
There are two entrances with short tunnels leading into the kilns, the right hand tunnel is mis-shapen and will likely collapse in the future.

Cobble Hall Lime Kiln
Cobble Hall Lime Kiln Entrance

The kilns themselves are collapsed, but there are the remains of the entances to the left and right at the end of the tunnel.

Cobble Hall Lime Kiln Eye