4 thoughts on “Cliff Rigg Whinstone Quarry

  1. I came to live in Ayton in 1970 . The Quarry was in use then . There was some kind of riddle near the quarry entrance . The entrance was very narrow and was being widened at that time . They were still looking for dolerite outcrops then.

    • I worked there in 1960 Roy Bradley was still operating it then ,the crusher was just over the main road down from thief Lane,I also worked there in 1976 when road material LTD opened it up once more up thief lane, they had a new crushing plant built straght ahead in the old quarry workings ,then later on Ogdens of Otley had a mobile crushing plant further in and a bit higher up .A lot of the 2nd grade stone from the old workings were used to make Ingleby cross bye pass to the Tontine

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