Snotterdale Jet Mine

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Very easy to locate due to the small waterfall just to the north of the only path in the area.

Nearest to the path is a sizeable chamber thats big enough to crawl around inside.

Snotterdale Mine Snotterdale Mine

Theres a lot of what i’m assuming to be jet in the walls of this area.

Snotterdale Mine

Slightly further towards the waterfall is another open area that would require crawling on the stomach, again vein of jet are visible on the sides. The second shot is HDR to try and bring out some details.
Snotterdale Mine  Snotterdale Mine HDR

After a third hole which is only big enough to stick your head in, theres the largest open area behind the waterfall

Snotterdale Mine entrance behind waterfall  Snotterdale Mine

Its extremely muddy inside but almost high enough to stand in places, there an area which goes off to the left.
Snotterdale Mine  Snotterdale Mine

Snotterdale Mine

With a second area going deeper and to the right, again lots of jet in the walls.
Snotterdale Mine  Jet in Snotterdale Mine Snotterdale Mine

A good amount of light comes in from outside although due to flat torch batteries (doh) we had to return to the entrance rather than going deeper.
Snotterdale Mine Entrance

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  1. have you a grid ref for the mine chris , i was in it 30 years ago and wanting to show my grandson but my memory fails me

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