Remains of burnt Jet shale, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor

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Between Cold Moor and Cringle Moor is a large bright red scar on a field.

Alum Shale Roasting Clamp Alum Shale Roasting Clamp

On closer inspection it appears to be a large amount of burnt shale, very different in colour to the dozens of shale tips in the area.

Roasted Alum Shale

Back in 2008 I originally thought this could be the remains of an Alum Clamp which was an early stage in the Alum making process,  or that it may just have caught fire naturally

In 2013 I came across a book which describes jet shale being burnt at Cringle Moor to provide material for road making.

About 50m up the slope there is a recent collapse in the ground which has since been covered. This was a collapse into jet workings associated with the burnt tips.

Recent collapse near Alum Shale Roasting Clamp Recent collapse near Alum Shale Roasting Clamp

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