Hartlepool Lighthouse

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The current lighthouse was built in 1926 after the previous lighthouse was removed to give the Heugh Battery and Lighthouse Battery a clearer view of the sea.

The position of the orignal stopped retaliatory fire during the Bombardment of Hartlepool on 16th December 1914

Hartlepool Lighthouse Hartlepool Lighthouse

1500 shells were fired at Hartlepool during the bombardment by the German Cruisers Seydlitz, Moltke and Blucher. Leading to the death of the first soldier killed on British soil during the First World War

First Soldier Killed on British Soil in World War 1, Hartlepool 

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  1. I have recently become aware that part of this site has been sold for redevelopment. The new owner plans to demolish the brick building in front of the lighthouse and build a 3 storey house. I’m at a loss as to how such a thing could be considered. It would significantly affect this beautiful site. Any comments and/or ideas would be appreciated as the local authority doesn’t seem to be interested.

    There are also plans about to go ahead to put a significant residential development on the site of the manor house at the old friarage.

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