Aislaby Stone and Quarry

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Aislaby Quarry was a source of blockstones in the 17th and 18th Century for harbours such as Whitby, Margate and Ramsgate, and the Strand Bridge in London.

The blockstone was returned from the Whitby pier in 1964

Aislaby Stone Aislaby Stone

The quarry reopened in 2002, I have read that in the 1970s the remains of a jet mines were also accessible, but the whole area seems to have been freshly opened up, so I doubt the current owners would take kindly to visitors searching for any remains.

Aislaby Quarry Aislaby Quarry

4 thoughts on “Aislaby Stone and Quarry

  1. There is a possibility that the Jet Mine is in the quarry next to this one Chris, ive got 3 different sets of co-ordinates for it but i dont trust any of them.

    Having gone through the report written by moldywarps it states that the entrances are extremely overgrown by gauzebush and brambles.

    The back of the quarry next to this one is extremely hard to get to due to being fully overgrown and until someones has a proper look we shouldnt give up on finding the mine just yet.

    I’ve given up trying for a while as quaze hurts.

  2. hi there, love the website by the way, im allways checking it for treasures of our area! I have been in this jet mine earlier this year with a few others, a friend of mine got hold of the grid referance and a plan of the workings which after 2 visits i eventually found it. It is overgrown outside with gauze and does seem to have signs of badgers(very smelly). There seems to be two entrances left as one has been bulldozed over. On my third visit i decided to open the one dry entrance up with a spade which is a squeeze as the other seems deep water and i have`nt any waders. Inside is very mucky and tight but well worth a visit, things may have changed there since ive been but your photo looks like it should be fine(i think). If you would like any info i`d be happy to let you know where it is…keep up the good work!

  3. Finally, its good to know someone has found it as i was worried the open quarry had destroyed it.

    I wouldnt mind a few pointers to its location as ive spent ages and i mean ages looking for it.

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