Memorial to downed Lancaster Bomber, Lord McGowan Bridge, Redcar

This plaque was unveiled on 17/12/2008, 66 years after the crew of Lancaster bomber W4319 SR-N were all killed, shot down by ‘friendly fire’. 

The Evening Gazette report say it came down near where Steel House is now located, although thats about 200 yards North East, not 200 yards West as the plaque says.

Memorial to Crashed Lancaster Bomber 

The plaque is on Lord McGowan Bridge (built in 1951, named after a chairman of ICI) 

 Lord McGowan Bridge Sign

Also adjacent to the plaque is a nice way marker for the Teesdale Way, apparently there are 6 more sculptures of footware by Jim Roberts, between South Bank and Coatham Marsh.

Teesdale Way Metal Boots 

Waterfall Viaduct, Slapewath

The 8 arch Waterfall viaduct carried the Cleveland Railway which served many of the ironstone mines in this area, it is very close to the main road, but becoming harder to see over the years as trees grow around it.

Waterfall Viaduct, Slapewath 

Just to the west, on the approach to the Spa Wood ironstone mine is another interesting bridge with offset stonework.

Railway Bridge, Slapewath Railway Bridge, Slapewath

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

Ironstone was extracted from Spa Wood mine between March 1853 and December 1928.

Approaching from the east through large mine spoil heaps currently used by bikers, you first encounter a powder magazine

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

Close by are the bricked up travelling and main drifts.

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

In the next area to the west of the drifts are the offices and workshops which are still largely intact, having been part of a scrapyard until recent years. A chimney also stood here which was only recently demolished.

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

Further west stand the remains of two fan houses for ventilating the mine workings. Finally to the extreme west of the site stands an electrical sub-station from the later years of electrication

Spa Wood Ironstone Mine

UPDATE : This location has since been purchased as a private residence and should no longer be visited.

Left Luggage Sculpture, Redcar

Sculpture by Lewis Robinson to commemorate the filming of the Dunkirk landings scene in Atonement during August 2006
Atonement Sculpture, RedcarAtonement Sculpture, Redcar

It was unveiled in by Atonement director Joe Wright and Producer Paul Webster.

UPDATE : As of August 2012 the scupture has been removed. I don’t know whether it will return to the sea-front when the redevelopment is completed.

Pirate Cat and HMS Redcar

I can find no details about this little character perched up in a birds nest, any info would be gratefully received.
Pirate Cat in Crows Nest, Redcar

The mast is a half-scale replica of HMS Redcar, a ‘Racecourse’ class minesweeper that was sunk on 24th June 1917 near Dover.

HMS Redcar HMS Redcar

Update 2/3/2011 : The mast and most of the old tourist information centre were demolished today. It looks like the plaques were taken away beforehand, hopefully the little cat was rescued too !

St Germains Church, Captain Cooks Fathers Grave

Only the tower of St Germains remains, built in 1160. The church was rebuilt in 1821 but again demolished in 1950 with exception of the Tower.

St Germains Church, Marske St Germains Church, Marske

Captain Cooks father is buried here, he died in 1779 six weeks after Cook himself, although never knew his sons death.

Captain Cooks Fathers Grave - St Germains Church 

The current headstone is erected in the memory of James Robinson who was lost as sea in 1904. The grave is also reputed to have been visited by Charles Dickens.

Pillbox, Low Grange Farm, South Bank

This Type 23 pillbox is visible in a field beside the Trunk Road between Redcar and Middlesbrough.

Pillbox, Trunk Road, South Bank Pillbox, Trunk Road, South Bank Pillbox, Trunk Road, South Bank

The pillbox is under threat of destruction due to the re-development of the area.

The council development plan says :- “The World War II Pill box should be retained on the site, if possible, or buried in situ, otherwise it should be recorded prior to demolition.” As that particular area is pencilled in for shops/pubs/takeaways, I strongly suspect the latter will be the outcome. The land itself that the farm stood on was owned by the Lady Hewley Trust, giving it a link back to the Eston ironstone mines.

As that particular area is pencilled in for shops/pubs/takeaways, I strongly suspect the latter will be the outcome. The land itself that the farm stood on was owned by the , giving it a link back to the Eston ironstone mines. 

UPDATE 10/08/2011 : Drove past this morning and sadly it looks like the pillbox has recently been removed as I strongly suspected it might.