Corus Mill Demolition

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A short series of posts inspired by looking through my older printed photos, before going digital and before this website existed.

I’m afraid I don’t remember the date this happened, but I got informed about it due to my job. The general public however were unaware and it must have come as a big shock to the people driving down the Trunk Road that day.

I suspect it was this event recorded in a corporate report I found online.

The old Lackenby open hearth steelmaking building at Teesside, which was built in 1953, was demolished in 2004. The building contained over 20,000 tonnes of structural steel and cladding, which was then recycled at a rate of about 1,000 tonnes each week over a five-month period.

Corus Redcar Mill Demolition 1 Corus Redcar Mill Demolition 3 Corus Redcar Mill Demolition 2

A friend of mine has the whole thing on video, which i’ve now got on YouTube (no sound unfortunately)

2 thoughts on “Corus Mill Demolition

  1. I’m devastated I didn’t know about this demolition. I don’t know if my mum knows but my Granddad was one of the head engineers involved in the construction of the mill and we still have his original diaries, calculations and drawings from this time. He was made redundant shortly before the opening sadly.

  2. The photographs look good. I’ll dig out the tape and try to work out how to make that crazy software work again. This is really going to eat into the quality time I had set aside for playing x-box 360.

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