Warrenby Hotel – Destroyed by Morrisons Truck (then burnt down, finally demolished)

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The village of Warrenby was pretty much wiped from the face of the earth in the late 1970s, although people lived there as late as 1983.

The Warrenby Hotel remained standing and during my childhood was the Turners bus depot and in more recent times a car workshop.

Warrenby Hotel Before

On the evening of Friday 13th February 2009 a Morrisons truck reversed into the building which brought about a major collapse, it looks certain the building will now have to be demolished completely.

Warrenby Hotel After

On Tuesday 3rd May 2011 the old hotel caught fire and it looks highly likely it will be demolished now.
Warrenby Hotel - Burned Out

I returned in the middle of May to find the hotel is no more.

Demolished Hotel Warrenby

2 thoughts on “Warrenby Hotel – Destroyed by Morrisons Truck (then burnt down, finally demolished)

  1. My brother worked at Turners coaches as an apprentice deisel fitter for four years.
    Popped his knee out trying to push start one of his buses, his knee has never been the same since, I am sure from his point of view it’s the best thing to happen to the place.

  2. Well it was Friday 13th. I have to wonder what a Morrisons truck was doing all the way out there given that there’s nothing there but I suppose it could be the annual jinx at work.

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