Grinkle Ironstone Mine, Culvert

The culvert runs underneath the site of the Grinkle Ironstone mine.
Internally the culvert is on the verge of total collapse, so I really wouldn’t recommend emulating my visit, a previous collapse in 1927 flooded the mine and trapped miners underground.
Grinkle Culvert Culvert

At the southern entrance of the culvert a large pool of water has backed up due to a collapse, here the tunnel seems to be cut into solid rock.
Culvert Culvert  

10 thoughts on “Grinkle Ironstone Mine, Culvert

  1. Interesting post. We walked through this site about a year ago (after visiting the Grinkle fanhouse) and saw the large collapse in what we thought was the old pit yard.

    If anyone is interested a nice circular walk can be done in this area taking in the Boulby alum quarries and Grinkle ironstone mine remains, finishing with a pint in the Cod and Lobster at Staithes. Apparently there were considerable remnants of the Boulby ironstone mine standing until the potash mine was built…..

  2. On this circular walk where do you start from where can you park it would be good finishing at the cod and lobster,how many miles would it be how long this good be a good walk in the summer.

  3. I suppose it would make sense to park at the top of the bank at Staithes, or in the carpark at Cowbar if you don’t want to pay.

    Lots of routes you could take, but its a leaast 6 miles.

  4. The culvert collapse has grown significantly in recent in recent month with the hole diameter now as wide as the original safety fencing (new larger fencing is now in place). In fact some of it has disappeared down the hole. Water can now be seen flowing at the bottom.
    The water running level in the culvert has drastically risen with water at the entrance flowing over the original brick lining. The outlet level is now half way up the arch with the river level now inside the adit on the opposite bank.
    There appears to have been a considerable amount of debris from the collapse deposited in the stream bed. I would imagine that another slip of the now unstable hole sides would result in a complete blockage of the culvert with disastrous consequences. Not only flooding the whole valley North of the culvert but the trashing of the hard work that has been conducted on revealing the mine yard and buildings.
    One note to make is that there is now a “road way” cut down to the culvert entry. However, this may be a little too late to rescue the area.

  5. RIP Grinkle Culvert. There’s a massive engineering project going on there at present which has dug down into the culvert, leaving a massive hole in the ground that beggars belief.

  6. If you follow the footpath through the wood and over the potash railway and turn immediate right in the field walk abou 200 yards the old airshaft and various other workings are there they have been bricked up but parts are open I’ve thrown stones down and they appear to be deep (be careful)

  7. On me leaving this comment Chris you reply was about the firenzo wheel which was to blow cool air into the mine which you replied a full description by Stuart grey which believe it or not lived next door to me I would just like to let you know he passed away last week he was a lovely guy and will be missed not only by me as a neighbor
    Mike hopper

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