St Oswalds, Tin Tabernacle Church, Dunsdale

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St Oswalds, Tin Tabernacle was erected for the miners of the Kirkleatham Ironstone Mine in 1913

.St Oswalds Mission, Dunsdale Tin Tabernacle

St Oswalds Mission, Dunsdale Tin Tabernacle

Corrugated iron churches are become rarer, someone sought planning permission to demolish it in 2006 for housing but was fortunately turned down despite this unique building not being listed and in need of repairs.

St Oswalds Mission, Dunsdale Tin Tabernacle

Update December 2011 – A friend of mine kindly provided a 1977 photo from the Evening Gazette in which demolition of the church is discussed, its such a shame that over 30 years later its still looking just as unloved (but fortunately still intact)

There are also details of how the bell from the church is currently in Titoki on the Bay of Plenty, on the North Island of New Zealand,

5 thoughts on “St Oswalds, Tin Tabernacle Church, Dunsdale

  1. I think it is worth stating that Redcar and Cleveland BC appear to have just published their development plan for the next 20 years. They envisage developing numerous sites for housing, some which no doubt will currently contain remnants such as the above. It may be a case of recording these sites photographically now or forever lose them!

  2. I need to say that these are sites identified by the Local Development Framework. If these are finally agreed, then (and only then) can any applicaitons be made for housing or other uses. At thta point it is worth anyone concerned to point out the existence (if there are any) of objects of historical or archeological importance. Handled properly, these can be preserved in sutu and even safegiarded (as was done for- the 1920’s acoustic aircarft warning devices on the Ings estate in Redcar)

  3. It will be worth taking a good look at the Local Development Framework documents, it looks like the “Prefered Options” are coming out in the next few days.

    This specific site is just off the edge of the “Built and Historic Environment (Historic Landscape Eston Hills)” area.

    The mine related building that was demolished last year at the top of Wilton Bank was clearly within it….

  4. I just hope R & CBC consider recycling all available brownfield sites (after the aforementioned procedure has been followed) before they turn to concreting over our precious greenfield sites……..

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