Waterfall Ironstone Mine

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Waterfall mine was worked between 1892 and 1901, the ironstone here is very close to the surface and under a layer of sand and clay, the dangerous working conditions gave this mine the nickname “Linger and Die”

Waterfall Ironstone Mine Waterfall Ironstone Mine

The whole site is now obscured by a plantation, although hints of a cutting/drift can be seen towards the east corner where the path of a railway can be seen heading across fields on the aerial photo.

5 thoughts on “Waterfall Ironstone Mine

  1. This seems to be an interesting site. I cannot recall this mine being written up anywhere, does anyone know if there is any information available?

  2. From the drift entrance near “Mucky Loddin” you can trace the rail track across the field & on to Waterfall Farm where it crossed over the beck on a wooden viaduct (long gone)

      • Not directly. Lodden/Lonnen is just a word for Lane

        Theres also a ‘black lonnen’ which is a path in New Marske.

        I think it’s more the fact you’ve got people coming from all over the country to work in ironstone mines. I believe it’s a Scottish dialect term.

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