Ironstone Mine, Air Raid Shelter

I’m afraid I’m keeping the exact location of this one off the site.

Its clearly been forgotten by the local kids due to the lack of any recent litter/beer cans, its only a few hundred meters from a playground and the condition of the place is very poor looking liable to collapse in places, so I don’t want to put it back on their radar.
Air Raid Shelter in Mine Spoil Air Raid Shelter in Mine Spoil

Air Raid Shelter in Mine Spoil Air Raid Shelter in Mine Spoil Air Raid Shelter in Mine Spoil
There are three main areas inside, with several open vertical shafts running to the surface as well as two side entrances.
If you think about ironstone mines still open during the second world war, you may deduce where this is located.

3 thoughts on “Ironstone Mine, Air Raid Shelter

  1. i did wonder how long it would be before this was posted chris

    very interesting place though and nice to see its not trashed

  2. chris i have no idea where that is but i would really like to go and see it im 29 mate and will keep it to myself i promise.

  3. I know where that is, I played in it when I was a kid in the late 60s early 70s.

    IU assumed it had been clobbered years ago when a lot of other remain there were flattened somewhat a number of years ago. It had two entrances as you say, they had 90 degree bends in them so you went in and round a corner. They were always difficult to find due to the undergrowth if you didn’t know where to look.

    I remember playing in and around the old mine buildings,. If it’s the one am thinking of, the shafts were walled off at the surface but if you went into the Fan house there was an angled drift that went down and intercepted the shaft.
    You could walk down it (stepped brick courses) and there was an iron railing and then the open shaft. We used to drop bricks down into the water.

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