Victoria Ironworks, Wreckhills, Runswick Bay

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Victoria Ironworks were built between 1856 and 1858, the site is located on a geological fault and this lead to a landslip that destroyed most of the works on 22nd March 1858, only a couple of months after it started production.

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The works were rebuilt and stuggled on under various owners for a few year before closing.

Two arches from calcining kilns can still be found on the cliffs

Wreck Hills Kilns, Runswick Bay Wreck Hills Kilns, Runswick Bay Wreck Hills Kilns, Runswick Bay

Wreck Hills Kilns, Runswick Bay

The site today is difficult to reach and overgrown, the shale cliffs continue to collapse and be eroded. There is a mine shaft filled with water at the cliff edge, it shows the speed of erosion as this was recorded as 90ft from the edge in 1862.

The remain of Victoria Harbour can be identified on the shore by a line of stone.

Wreck Hills Kilns, Runswick Bay  

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