Belmont Ironstone Mine

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The second phase of working at Belmont started in 1907-1908 after the original working there ceased around 1886.

Hunters Hill Farm consists of a large range of building which constituted the stables and workshops of the mine, close to the road is a huge concrete wall which one supported one end of the tipping gantry where railway wagons were loaded.

Belmont Ironstone Mine, Guisborough  Belmont Ironstone Mine Tipping Gantry, Guisborough

Belmont Ironstone Mine Tipping Gantry, Guisborough  Belmont Ironstone Mine Tipping Gantry, Guisborough

Continuing a short way up the path you first reach the collapsed drift entrance with an electrical sub-station next to it, the remains of ceramic insulators can be seen in its back wall.
Belmont Ironstone Mine Drift, Guisborough  Belmont Ironstone Mine Substation, Guisborough

Belmont Ironstone Mine Substation, Guisborough

A little further up the hill again stands a powder house now filled with earth.

Belmont Ironstone Mine Powder House, Guisborough  Belmont Ironstone Mine Powder House, Guisborough

Belmont Ironstone Mine Powder House, Guisborough

I also noticed that the nearby allotments have a vegetable bed constructed from Pease bricks, although as Pease never ran Belmont they could just be anomalous
Belmont Ironstone Mine, Pease Brick

8 thoughts on “Belmont Ironstone Mine

  1. Interesting post. In addition to the above the railway linking the mine site to the main line near to Hutton Lane can be traced across the fields and through the Kemplah estate. The base of some sort of building still remains at the junction, which I am unsure as to what purpose it had. Apparently there are also some small infalls etc in the hills above the site, obviously linked to the mining activity.

  2. I suppose the question we could ask is whether the mine owners developed the site right at the top of Sparrow Lane on purpose. At the time of development Sparrow Lane was a well known and used path/track from the centre of Guisborough (I believe starting from near the bottom of New Road) where possible miners housing was located. Notwithstanding the location of the seam etc the location would make sense from a logistical point of view, meaning that materials and labour could be bought to site easily.

  3. The original Belmont mine site was situated somewhere off the top of Belmangate. What is fascinating is that using the Google earth feature, the original rail link to the site can be seen between the sports pitches, even though it was pulled up many years ago!

  4. Does anyone know if the cylindrical brick structure in the field at the top of Belmangate (opposite the Gracelands Care Home) is a mineshaft linked to the original Belmont mines?

    • No, it’s much too far down the hill, the original mine drift locations are where the lake is now, beyond the top of Belmangate. I don’t know what that structure is.

    • I believe this was a well with just a shallow seepage at the bottom.A door in one side gave access via a set of steps.

  5. That’s what I thought. You can see the structure on Google Earth, there is a big sign on it now which led me to believe it was a shaft of some sort. Maybe some form of well?

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