Stanghow Blacksmith Scupture.

Stanghow Sculpture

I had no information on this, but have received the following from June Murray, Secretary of Stanghow Residents’ Group :-
The Blacksmith was made from old horseshoes by Graham Wattis, a retired welder from Stanghow. It was commissioned by Stanghow Residents Group and erected in July 2008 opposite the site of the old forge (now a house named the forge).

North Riding Infirmary Arch

The North Riding Infirmary donated to the town by Ironmaster Henry Bolckow in 1864 was demolished in late 2006 to make way for a much needed Aldi and Travelodge (ahem)

Middlesbrough, North Riding Infirmary Arch

The portico was saved after pressure from locals, although initially hidden behind road signs the owners have still not seen fit to remove the numbering and clean it up properly

Lingdale Ironstone Mine

Despite being one of the last in the area to close in 1962, there are very few surface remains left in Lingdale, with the area now covered by an industrial estate.

The only substantial remains are part of the Scirocco fanhouse which ventilated the mine, its curved walls can still be seen and either wind or water can be heard roaring inside the No. 1 shaft if you put your ear to the metal door. I would love to see whats in there. 

Lingdale Ironstone mine Lingdale Ironstone mine

The other large but heavily modified building is the remains of the boiler house.

Lingdale Ironstone mine Lingdale Ironstone mine  




Lingdale Ironstone Mine Reminders

This recent plaque next to the mine site, records the date of the sinking of the first shaft in 1873 until the closure of the mine in 1962

Lingdale Sculpture 

Nova Scotia was the name of the piece of woodland that existed at this location before the mine was built


Right next to the crossroads is a modern recreation of a mine tub.

Lingdale Sculpture 

The following information was provided by Liz Allen
This installation was designed by Groundwork North East(Liz Allen – Senior Landscape Architect) in partnership with Lingdale Liftoff, Lingdale Primary School and Lingdale United Reformed Church. The iron tub and freeze were fabricated by local blacksmith James Godbold(egton). The scheme was also funded by the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund through the Redcar and Cleveland Partnership.