Ayton Monument Ironstone Mine

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Ayton Monument was worked for 23 years between 1908 and 1931 by Pease and Partners, the site is now in regular use as a offroad bike circuit.
This beautifully carved stone dates from the building of the main hauler engine house.
Ayton Monument Ironstone Mine
An sirocco fan was installed to ventilate the mine in 1919, the date is still visible on the remains of the fanhouse.

Ayton Monument

At the top of the steep incline up to the site are the foundations of the braking drum.

Ayton Monument
At the base of the quarter mile long incline which provided a link to the railway is a intact electrical substation for the mine from around 1921.
Ayton Monument Incline  Monument Sub-Station

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  1. The substation should be listed as there arnt too many buildings associated with mines left around Ayton and this seems in very good condition, remember Wilton lane just last year

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