Marske Mill Race, Saltburn

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The mill race started at a pair of breached dams to the west of the viaduct.

Marske Mill Dam Marske Mill Dam and Saltburn Viaduct

Marske Mill Dam Marske Mill Dam

It runs along the north bank of the beck, alongside the modern footpath. There appear to be some remains here relating to a time water still flowed.

Marske Mill Race Marske Mill Race

The ditch that remains continues east towards the mill site where there are some markers for a long forgotten Marske Mill trail.

Marske Mill Race Marske Mill Trail  


7 thoughts on “Marske Mill Race, Saltburn

  1. Interesting post. I believe the mill itself was archaeologically excavated in the 1970’s by Steve Sherlock, who subsequently wrote a book on the subject. This apparently is still available, although I haven’t seen it for a couple of years.

    Also in the area is a drift (believed to be the water level?) connecting to one of the Skelton mines, possibly Longacres.

  2. Sir,
    Whilst researching my family history I have just discovered the location of Marske mill, which is of interest to me as my paternal grandfather Athur Howe, and two of his elder brothers, Richard and William, were born there in 1879, 80, and 82. Their father George Howe was a miller by trade, and I would be interested if you have any details of tenancy of the mill around this time, as I am not sure how long he and his wife Maria were in residence.
    Cheers, Alf Howe.

    • My paternal grandfather was William Howe, born 1880 at Marske -mill older brother to your grandfather, Arthur Howe, also born at Marske mill.
      From the scant information that I have, I estimate the period of occupancy at the mill to be about 6 years although it could be longer.
      with my F T research I have managed to get back to Richard Howe, our great x 3 grandfather, born 1819 at Caldwell, how are you progressing?.

  3. It was excavated in the late 80s.
    I remember asa kid going for walks downthat way with my Grandad in about 69-70 and it was still standing but derelict. It was knocked down in 71.

  4. Marske Mill was demolished in 1972 and excavated by Cleveland County Archaeology Dept in 1986 for a project headed by Steve Sherlock as part of the Community Programme. I spoke to Steve about the scheme and he said that there were a great number of finds as the site had not been cleared since the demolition but merely backfilled. The house to the right of the mill was built as part of the Skelton Viaduct development and was therefore not excavated as part of the project.

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