Sir Williams Turners School, War Memorial

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This memorial was erected for the 46 pupils and 2 staff of Sir William Turners School (which was on Coatham Road where the library currently is) who were killed in World War 1.
Sir William Turners School War Memorial

The memorial has moved many times during its life, it moved to Corporation Road in 1962 when the original school was demolished, then to Sir William Turners 6th Form on Redcar Lane in 1975, back to Corporation Road in 1994 when Redcar and Cleveland College was formed and to its current location in 2008 when that college was in turn replaced.

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  1. Err, ehem! The library is no longer on the site of Sir Wm Turner’s Coatham Rd location.
    When seeking a grant to refurbish the monument, the Trustees learned that being now on its 6th location (see photo) it is the most peripatic war memorial in the country. When most memorials are erected, where they go is where they stay. For ever!

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