Dorman Museum, Roman Coffin and Tees Stepping Stone

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The Dorman Museum opened in 1904, it was given to the town by Sir Arthur Dorman as a memorial to his son who has been killed in the South African War. The building also has a green plaque dedicated to Frank Elgee the curator between 1923 and 1932. The museum itself if full of interesting exhibits and well worth a visit, but I shall only comment on items outside the building.
Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough Frank Elgee Plaque, Dorman Museum

A roman coffin in the grounds is actually from Irchester in Northamptonshire but was found on the property of the Cargo Fleet Iron Company (presumably at the iron ore quarries)
Dorman Museum

The large stone which seems to have lost its plaque at some point, is said to be a stepping stone from a crossing of the Tees at Newport.
Stepping Stone, Dorman Museum

Other items include an 1884 foundation stone laid by Lady Pease and Middlesbroughs coat of arms.

“Erimus” is Latin for “We shall be”, it is a development of the motto of the Brus family “Fuimus” meaning “We have been”.

Pease Foundation Stone, Dorman MuseumDorman Museum

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