Recently lost buildings of Redcar

Much work is ongoing in Redcar and a number of buildings have disappeared in the last year or so, I thought I would capture them from Google Streetview now before they vanish from there too. I doubt any will be considered a loss to the area in years to come.
The Alderman B.O. Davies Health Centre on Coatham Road, demolished


Kwik Save on West Dyke Road, demolished


Sharky’s on the Sea Front, demolished


This one on the right has been derelict for as long as I can remember, but I believe it was once an amusement arcade, demolished


The Hydro, not actually demolished, but now converted into flats.


12 thoughts on “Recently lost buildings of Redcar

  1. Interesting post. In a similar vein would anyone have any photographs of Blackett Hutton foundry in Guisborough, complete with railway sidings, prior to its demolition?

    • I was interested in your request for information on Blackett Hutton foundry. I was born and bred in Guisborough and about to embark on a detailed model of Guisborough Railway station. I hope to include Blackett Hutton foundry. Already gaining information on the foundry are you still interested ?

    • My Dad worked there as a steel moulder from about 1920 to 1970. I hGave some relics from even earlier eras that he came across in the moulding sand,. which was just strewn around the floor!

  2. The loss of the Kwiksave building aloner means an overall improvement in Redcar’s architectural standards……..

  3. Re: my earlier comment – if you put ‘Guis 1983’ into YouTube someone has posted a video that shows the Foundry. Very interesting!

  4. How proud Hinton’s were when they built their new supermarket. Also remember signing on in Alma House above the supermarket. The Fish bar next to Sharky’s is scheduled for demolition as part of the overall expansion of the Tyne Tees arcade, the corner will eventually be a glass clad box.

  5. Noticed another ‘blow’ to the regions architecture today. The derelict garage near Thornaby Pavillion (Tristar Nesham?) has finally been demolished.
    Tears will I’m sure be wept.

  6. very interesting….i am always on the look out for historical things for the town mag i write for – guisborough life – if an of you are up for interviews…if you have news of importance, get in touch or indeed come and write for the mag yersel!

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