St Helens Church and East Lodge, Eston

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St Helens Church in Eston was a Grade II listed building, it originated in the 12th Century and was in use until 1962, before becoming a cemetary chapel until 1985. The church was heavily vandalised and by 1987 was ‘in a critical state of disrepair’. A fire followed in December 1992 and during this time the church was being illegally demolished and stonework stolen. Thankfully in 1998 the remains of the church were removed to Beamish who have an excellent set of photos

The church is currently being rebuilt at Beamish as of May 2011.

Nothing remains on the site except a plaque and outline of the church

St Helens Church, Eston St Helens Church, Eston St Helens Church, Eston

The East Lodge of cemetary seems to have suffered a similar fate and it currently completely burned out.

East Lodge, Eston East Lodge, Eston East Lodge, Eston

It is however the subject of a relatively recent planning application, so it may be on the verge of being restored.

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  1. Thanks for this. It was during my time as Leader that RCBC that we agreed, via the Council’s Conservation Officers, to see that Beamish could take what was left of the church. My guess, for what it’s worth, is that there is a lot of the church still around in local garden walls, etc, in the area, as there is a kind of market for nicked stonework and suppliers who will loot in the hope of sales.

    Similarly, the proposal for the lodge follows a pattern put in place at the same time to market these buildings for housing or related purposes. This upset some people, but having someone on site does act as a real deterrent to vandalism in the wider graveyard. Certainly this was the case in Skelton and in Guisborough when the lodge was occupied (I think it is now empty again and, I assume, open to offers). One thing that can be said is that for this is that you are guaranteed quiet neighbours.

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