Unveiling the Palace Cinema, Redcar

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The redevelopment of Redcar seafront has revealed the old Palace Cinema which sits over the top of the deserted amusement arcade which is to become “The Hub”
Palace Cinema Redcar
Palace Cinema Redcar
Palace Cinema Redcar

Theres a much more detailed “Palace Watch” blog being kept which also contains the history of the Palace

Below are some photos that appeared on Redcar.net, but its currently offline so I cannot credit them to the right people, if they are yours let me know.

Update : All trace of the Palace are now gone as ‘The Hub’ gets built in its place.

10 thoughts on “Unveiling the Palace Cinema, Redcar

  1. About 10 years ago i had a meeting up there to discuss if a modern higher curved ceiling could be installed to cover up all the original features , i was amazed that all the original features and the rows of chairs still been in place whilst the people under the existing ceiling knew nothing about them . Wish i had taken photo’s now .

  2. I’m sure the propaganda on the hoardings said they were going to preserve the original features inside the new building. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos with that part of the text visible. I was quite shocked to see them attacking the place with big hammers.

    • Yes, they certainly did but it never happened. Same as the Pillbox on the site of the new Tesco that was also going to be preserved…..

  3. Redcar’s heritage is being removed before your very eyes. It’ll be the cinema next. It’s down to the community to stand together to protect these things not stand back and moan once they’re gone.

  4. Redcar & Ceveland Council have no vision or idea of the long term effects of tearing down every bit of history in the town. It’s 2019 now and they are bleating on about making the place a holiday venue. Who’d want to come here now? Red Lion coaching inn gone, and empty shop stands in its’ place, The Swan, a sandstone hotel with sprung dance hall gone, lovely church on West Dyke Road now a car park. I’m sorry to have to say this, but they are idiots.

    • Its very easy to blame everything on the Council, but I would have thought the pubs/hotels/churches you mention were all in private ownership when they came down.

  5. Oh, and I heard Prince Charles had make a private visit to Kirkleatham some years ago, after an official visit, and wanted to help find a way to use and promote Kirkleatham Hall stables, but it was vetoed by a prominent member of the council as it ‘wouldn’t benefit’ South Bank or Grangetown, somewhere like that. Why not just take help when it’s offered instead and build on the positivity?

    • That will have been the truly repugnant Councillor Arthur Seed, leader of Langbaurgh Council years ago. Someone sent him a box containing a generous dollop of horse muck with a note in it saying, “Make Langbaurgh a better place: plant A. Seed”

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