7 thoughts on “Billingham Hall Lodge / Gatehouse

  1. I lived at 31 Allendale Road and I frequently passed this building to and from home. I would often wonder what a commanding view the “Hall” would have of Billingham Beck towards Norton before the bypass was built.

    • Very interesting to hear about your grandfather being part of the history of the Hall. I have written about the Hall in several books so I have quite an interest in it.

      Don’t suppose you have any information or photos/ documents relating to the Hall and his time there. Anything will be of interest – I would be very interested in getting copies of anything you may have.

      Paul Menzies

  2. I grew up in Conifer Grove..father still lives there. Family story is that the garage door is made from floor boards from the hall.

  3. Hello anyone! I’ve always been fascinated by this sloping roof (such as above the door of the lodge). They are usually made of slate. Anyone know what this type is called please? The only other surviving one I know of is on the roof of Manners and Harrison estate agents in Stockton High St This type of roof was also on the old Billingham Hall

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