St Cuthberts, Billingham

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Parts of the current tower are thought to date from around 1000 AD, a very through description of the buildings can be found here
St Cuthberts, Billingham
An Anglo-Saxon settlement existed in Billingham as far back as the 7th century, inhabited by early followers of Cuthbert
St Cuthberts, Billingham
Outside the church stands an attractive Lych Gate

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  1. Hi its Mervyn Booth again I spoke to the lady reverend last year about the burial plot of Paul Anthony Booth I have checked all councils and Durham to no avail I was told that the reverend Thomas kept all his burial records in the house next to the church in a secret place please help surely the church cannot lose records of dead people Paul was 18 mths old and we need to find him. He died 1st Oct 1968 and was buried 7th Oct 1968 at Haverton Hill church we don’t even know who the funeral directors were, my ex wife cannot help as she died 1991, there must be something you can find out or do please god help thanks Mervyn Booth

    • Durham County Record Office have the original registers for St John’s Haverton Hill which should give you a burial plot number (I believe Middlesbrough Reference Library have a copy on microfilm). See
      As for a map/plan of the churchyard this would have been held by the council registrar, not the church – the vicar or churchwardens would’ve just known where the plots were.

    • I used to be St Cuthbert’s Sacristan, Church Secretary and Church Warden over past years. All old records of this type (registers for baptisms, deaths, weddings) used to be stored in safes in the vestries, but are now held at Durham for safe keeping. The St John’s Haverton Hill records were stored too. I know they exist as I saw them stored in the Billingham safe as I looked after them briefly, and saw my own baptism recorded in one of them.

      For St Cuthbert’s churchyard the register records the details of the person being buried and records the plot number alongside. Once the plot number is known, there is (or used to be) a plan of the Billingham churchyard showing the location for each plot number. The Vicar or the Church Warden can help find the plot. However, I’m not sure about the plan for the Haverton Hill churchyard, but I am sure it is possible to find a burial. Last time I was there, the churchyard was very nicely kept, but there was quite a number of graves without headstones. I hope you find him.

    • Hi I have been trying to find my mother grave in St Johns haverton hill we have been to Durham we found her death registered but no one seems to know the plot number .I just wondered if you could give me any advice please thank you in advance v cross

  2. I am trying to find the Grave of my paternal Grandmother. I am pretty sure she got married at St Cuthberts Billingham in 1908.It says St Cuthbert’s on the marriage cert and St Cuthbert’s Stockton is RC and they definately weren’t Roman Catholic. Her maiden name was Florence Annie Harrison and my Grandfather was James Humble. I know Florence died in 1965 around March time as I was 6 weeks old and my birthday is 19/01/1965. She lived for a long time in 23 Victoria Avenue, Norton, and had 7 children. I have searched Stockton council register and can find no record of her death or where she is buried. Any help gratefully recieved
    Carolyn Watson

  3. I wish to bury the ashes of my late father in a grave at St Cuthbert’s where my sister was buried and my mother’s ashes were interred. Please let me know the processes and costs involved

  4. I am looking for the buriel plot of Nora and James Doyle. We were told they were buried there, but had been moved and no marker is there anymore. It was my late mothers grandparents. They died probably around 1942/43. She was Nora Doyle nee Cooke.

  5. im looking for my dads plot in st cuthberts church Billingham my mam died and want them to be togeather his names joe Connolly he died in 1963

  6. Hi my name is wendy Anderson I’m wanting to know if you have any dates in june this year for a wedding please

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