Guerrilla Knitter, Saltburn

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This teddy bears picnic mysteriously appeared in mid October 2011, the tags suggests they are part of Saltburn’s 150th anniversary.
Guerrilla Knitting, Saltburn
Guerrilla Knitting, Saltburn
The identity of the creator ‘Yarn Junkie’ remains a mystery !

UPDATE March 2012 : Sadly the teddies and the scarf on the pier were vandalised over the weekend and the teddies were gone when I drove past today. Hopefully the creator is not too discouraged and will continue depite the action of some knuckle-dragger.

Roman Bridge, Piercebridge

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Piercebridge was the location that the Roman Dere Street crossed the Tees, the course of the river has changed so much since Roman times that the remains are now in a field about 100m south of the river.
Roman Bridge - Piercebridge Roman Bridge - Piercebridge
The remains were found during quarrying in 1972–3, the bridge itself was wood but the stone abutments and piers are to be seen today, the pavement of blocks exists to stop the piers being undermined.
Roman Bridge - PiercebridgeRoman Bridge - Piercebridge

Wooden Seals, Coatham Roundabout, Redcar

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Three wooden seals were placed on the Coatham Roundabout on 08/11/2011.
Wooden Seals, Coatham Roundabout, Redcar Wooden Seals, Coatham Roundabout, Redcar Wooden Seals, Coatham Roundabout, Redcar
Theres no plaque or details on the council website yet, but I strongly suspect they will be the work of chainsaw artist Steve Iredale

UPDATE January 2012 : They are indeed by Steve Iredale commissioned by Redcar In Bloom with a grant from Tees Valley Community Foundation. The seals have been named by children at Coatham Primary School. Neil the Seal, Splash & Bubbles. A fourth seal called Cecile should be arrving early 2012.
Thanks to the Eye Magazine for the update, I also noticed the seals sporting tinsel and antlers regularly over Christmas.

Stockton Co-operative Society, Billingham

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Despite its theatre/cinema looks this building was built as a department store for the Stockton Co-operative Society.
Stockton Co-operative Society, Billingham Stockton Co-operative Society, Billingham
The building is currently used as carpet shop, although the Billigham Players use the “Theatre Upstairs”
The building outline appears in its current form between the 1938 and 1939 editions of the OS map, although it could date from slightly earlier if the 1938 was already out of date.






I’ve found a reference to the nearby Heslops Brewey being sold to the Billingham Picture House Company in 1936 and demolished shortly afterwards, so suspect this whole area dates from around that time.

Redcar Gas Company

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Inspired by a request from Kev Oyston for photos of the Gas Holders in Redcar.

Redcar Gas Company was originally formed in 1857, by various mergers and nationalisations I suspect it was part of Northern Gas in its later years. I recall there being one gas holder remaining on the site in the 1980s but I can’t remember exactly when it was removed, does anyone remember ?

The following photos have appeared on and and seem to show there were originally three gas holders.

OS Maps over the years show many changes on the site.




 1983 –

 The site is now the location of the McDonalds Drive-Thru and Morrisons petrol station.

Granite Cross – Billingham Green

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This Shap Granite cross was erected at a cost of £44 in 1893, the idea of Rev Phillip Rudd. It was made by Bowrons of Stockton.
Cross Bilingham Green
The Prince of Wales, later to become Edward VII was supposed to unveil the cross, but his carriage passed without stopping.
Cross Bilingham Green
Unfortunately little remains of the original buildings around the green which has since been redeveloped.