Saltburn World Speed Records Plaque

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Between 1906 and 1937 the sands between Saltburn and Marske were used for speed record attempts.
Saltburn, Land Speed Records
Sir Malcolm Campbell recorded 138.08mph on 17th June 1922 in Sunbeam (although this was not recognised offically as electronic timers were not used)

The plaque say he reached 144.32mph in 1924,  (at this time the record seems to have been beaten on a weekly basis)

On two wheels Ron Storey recorded 122.91mph in 1928 on a Brough Superior SS100

The plaque was unveiled in October 2011 by Desmond Heckle, one times holder of motorcycle speed record.

1 thought on “Saltburn World Speed Records Plaque

  1. How wonderful to finally have something there that recognises just how important a role the town played in such pioneering events. Thanks to these brave racers, engineering and automotive technology moved on leaps and bounds. Also, they helped place the town on the map for many elsewhere in the country at the time reading of the efforts in the small northern seaside location. I have been wondering how long it would take them to get round to doing this, if at all.

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