Head Wrightson No 21 – Stockton

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This unusual ‘coffee pot’ locomotive built by Head Wrightson of Thornaby dates from 1870
Head Wrightson No.21 Stockton
Head Wrightson No.21 Stockton
The loco spent most of its working life at Seaham Harbour where it was designated “16”

Coffee Pot No.33 from 1873 was also used at Seaham (where it was designated “17”) this locomotive can now be seen at Beamish
Head Wrightson No.33 (Seaham Harbour 17)
Head Wrightson No.33 (Seaham Harbour 17)
Also at Beamish is the more recently restored Coffee Pot No.1
Head Wrightson Coffee Pot No.1

Update : As of August 2012 the loco has been removed from the roundabout and relocated to Preston Park Museum. I will try to get some photos after they’ve given it a lick of paint perhaps ?

10 thoughts on “Head Wrightson No 21 – Stockton

  1. Not that unusual, there were thousands of them on the go at one time. SOme were still in use up into the 60s at small industrial outfits and quarries etc.

  2. No. 21 was hidden away at Preston Hall Museum for years, before getting a new coat of paint and being installed on that roundabout in Stockton.

  3. I have the Skinningrove Engines book, I don’t remember seeing it in there. I will sort it out and have a look.

    I will aks my dad as well, He was an Apprentice at Skinningrove in the 50s, he worked on the Locos before he went into the Navy

  4. The caption to that pic says he hasn’t seen a picture of the vertical boiler before. I am sure (now that I come to think of it that there is a picture of one being lowered down the incline to the jetty or at the top of the incline anyway.

    I will check tonight at the Model Club, we have masses of SKinningrove info at the moment as we are well into our research for the model of the valley Loftus Mine with the railway Switchback.

  5. There were two at Skinningrove, both in the book – a Head Wrightson one as just about visible in the link and a later one by Cochranes.

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