4 thoughts on “Racing Ahead – Stockton

  1. This is a lovely sculpture showing greyhound doing what all greyhounds should be allowed to do. Sadly 1000s of greyhounds are culled in their youth for being too slow, injured and euthanized due to track related injuries and dumped at the end of their short career. Please help support these exploited dogs by signing this epetition Strengthen legal protection for racing greyhounds http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/71130

  2. I saw these hounds for the first time today, when a friend showed me a photo she took while on holiday in England. I love the sculpture, it shows hounds as they really are…happy, frolicking and having fun. I was a little disturbed to find that the sculpture had been placed as a tribute to greyhound racing? I think any thinking person realizes that the racing industry is cruel and inhumane. Greyhounds are overbred, abused then killed or abandoned when of no further use. I would encourage the town to re-frame it’s description. Celebrate the beauty and elegance of the greyhound, not the cruelty inflicted upon the breed.

  3. I have four greyhounds three of them are ex-racers I love my four greyhounds and will never see the beauty in racing seeing my own greyhounds frolic in a huge fenced in paddoc is the highlight of the day.They are happy peaceful and gentle souls playing chase with a big grin on their faces just like this sculpture. Greyhounds should be celeberated for who they are namely the most ancient breed of sighthounds favorites of royal households and the aristocracy.Among those of us fortunate enough to have greyhounds as family members they are a true blessing. They improve lives more than any other breed ever could at least they did for me.Love greyhounds don´t race them.

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