Roman Ingleby Barwick

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A Roman settlement was discovered a few years ago during the development of The Forum area of Ingleby Barwick. A Roman Villa is still unexcavated and being preserved under the village green. The rest of the site was excavated just before building houses.

Many thanks to Nat Snell for bringing this one to my attention, below is a slideshow of his pictures of the excavations.

There a lot more detail available on this site on the Tees Archaeology website

4 thoughts on “Roman Ingleby Barwick

  1. Why were they allowed to build over fantastic ruins such as those in the slide show its criminal ! i would have really liked to see them in person and take my grandchildren to see them …

  2. There are ‘ruins’ everywhere though. If no one was ever allowed to build on any of them at any time in the past we would have more ruin than houses.

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