Sea Jack – Erecting Redcar Windfarm

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“Sea Jack” has appeared this week to start erecting an offshore windfarmWindfarm Drilling Rig, Redcar
It instantly gathered many complaints due to the noise it was making, perhaps thats what these gentlemen were monitoring the next day.
Windfarm Drilling Rig, Redcar

Reports of mysterious earthquakes or sonic booms were then reported on Wednesday, which surely must be linked.

Sea Jack
Year Built: 2003
Length x Breadth: 95 m X 33 m
Gross Tonnage: 5769, DeadWeight: 4579 t
Flag: Denmark [DK]
Call Sign: OXKR2

2 thoughts on “Sea Jack – Erecting Redcar Windfarm

  1. Chris- i was on the beach at Marske/Saltburn when the sonic booms were heard – they came from nowhere near the rig but way out to sea beyond Saltburn pier. BBCTees told me that the windfarm co. EDF said it wasn’t them. The MOD also denied it but the MOD take responsibility for one heard off Berwick coast a month earlier. I heard 3 or 4 at SBurn

    keep up the good work!

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