Sadberge Reservoir 1886

This reservoir at the edge of Sadberge lies disused since 1985, its vast curved walls have become a magnet to BMX stunt riders.
Sadberge Reservoir
Sadberge Reservoir
Some large cast iron pipework can be found in the bottom of the reservoir.
Sadberge Reservoir
Sadberge Reservoir
A date stone from 1886 still exist with the name “S & M W B” which I believe stands for “Stockton and Middlesbrough Water Board” looking at the vandalised wreckage on the ground I think the building was at one time castellated.
Sadberge Reservoir
Sadberge Reservoir
The jubilee stone in the village was found during the construction of the reservoir.

Arthur Thompson Ghostsign Middlesbrough

This sign is down an alley just off Borough Road. It mentions Arthur Thompson Auctioneer, Valuer and Estate Agent established 1866.
Judging by records held at the Teesside Archives, the company became Thompson and March Ltd around 1949, so it may predates that.
Middlesbrough Ghostsign
A smaller “Royal Liver Friendly Society” sign is also┬ávisible below.

Redcar Rabbit Aerials

A piece of very modern history, but something thats probably becoming rarer and fading from people memories given the huge advances since then.
Rabbit Aerials, Redcar

The Rabbit mobile phone network started in May 1992 and operated until just December 1993 before going under, unlike modern systems you had to stand within 100m of an aerial which were advertised by wall mounted signs and it couldn’t accept incoming calls !
Rabbit Aerials, Redcar
These two example are both within sight of the Redcar clock.

Barrington School, Greatham

This stone stands on the village green in Greatham.Barrington School, Greatham

I have found a reference in the 1856 book “History, topography, and directory of the county palatine of Durham” by William Whellan that states.

‘The Barrington School, situated in the centre of the village, was erected in 1831 ; it is efficiently conducted, and well attended. There is also an Infant School, which was erected by subscription in 1831’

Greatham Church School / Community Centre

A series of date stones are preserved in the wall of the current community centre. The first marks the foundation of the Greatham Church School in 1834 with the inscription ‘Non Nobis Domine’ which translates as “Not to us, O Lord”

Next is a 1878 rebuild with the inscription ‘Non Nobis Sed, Nomini Tuo Da Glorium’ which translates as “not to us, but to your name give glory” both parts being from Psalm 115


The final stone simply marks a 1928 enlargement.