Foster Brotherton & Co, Timber Merchants Ghost Sign, Stockton

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The remains of this painted sign can be found on the end of the row of houses at St Johns Well.
Stockton Ghostsign
There are mentions of a “Moulding Mill” and ‘Hardwoods of every description stocked” but most of the paint is gone now. Does anyone have any ideas about the company and age of the sign ?

UPDATE : At first I thought it could have been “John B Smith & Co” who had a yard in the area, but many thanks to Ian who has come up with some great additional info and old photo which show its “Foster Brotherton & Co Ltd”

3 thoughts on “Foster Brotherton & Co, Timber Merchants Ghost Sign, Stockton

  1. My great grandfather worked at Foster Brotherton.
    He died at home in Stainsby Street, Thornaby on Tees on 2nd July 1909. His death certificate states that he died of “Heart failure following dilation arising from an accidental wrench whilst at work at Messrs Foster Brotherton & Co Timberyard.” He was aged 36 and a joiner by trade. My grandmother, his youngest daughter always understood that his work involved fitting out ships.

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