Ironstone Plaque, Yorkshire Lass, New Marske

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A series of plaques were erected some years ago by Arts UK to mark the areas ironstone history.

Ironstone Plaques, New Marske

“By 1871 the local mining company forbade spitting, swearing and drinking both at work and at home and employed a policeman to enforce these rules. Every payday he spent the evening trying to catch miners sneaking back from the pubs in Marske”

Pease & Partners were Quakers hence the no-drinking rules in their village.

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  1. I believe the same rules applied in Liverton Mines, or ‘New London’ as it was originally named. Apparently the mineowners paid a lot of attention to this issue, and set up sports, gardening and other clubs, and established reading rooms and other public areas so that miners would have something to do in their spare time.

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