Tees Cottage Pumping Station, 1914 Gas Engine

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This 1914 two-cylinder gas engine was built by Richard Hornsby & Sons

The pumps which extracted water from the Tees for Darlington were built by Hawthorn Davey & Co. of Leeds.

The building which houses the engine was built in 1853 and housed an earlier steam pumping engine before the current one.
Tees Cottage Gas Engine Building

Gas was originally produced on site, but this part of the plant was damaged in 1955 by an explosion, the results of which can still be seen.
Tees Cottage 1914 Gas Engine

The site in general was operational from 1849 with the final electric pumps still in use until 1980, the site is now run by volunteers who have regular open days.

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  1. When my dad did his apprenticeship at Skinningrove Works in the 50s they were still using Gas Engines like this in the Power Station.

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