Bulmer Stone, Darlington

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The Bulmer Stone lies sadly stranded on a little shelf behind a fence since 1923.
Bulmer Stone, Darlington
It is a Shap granite boulder deposited at the end of the ice age and once marked the northern edge of Darlington and stood on the roadside.
Bulmer Stone, Darlington
The name is said to come from Willy Bulmer the borough crier who announced news from it. It was also known as the ‘Battling Stone’ by the towns weavers who once beat their flax upon it.
It is also associated with the ancient rhyme :-

In Darnton towne ther is a stane,
And most strange is yt to tell,
That yt turnes nine times round aboute
When yt hears ye clock strike twell.

14 thoughts on “Bulmer Stone, Darlington

  1. Why? Because Darlington Council clearly have no interest in it! It could be moved and displayed in nearby North Lodge Park with a new information plaque.

  2. I have just bought a bronze plaque showing bulmers stone beside Locomotion No.1 (of Stockton and Darlington Railway fame) and bearing the date April 1935. I found it in a flea market in Lewes and if anyone is interested I will email a photo of it . Email me on richard.freeman4@virginmedia.com

    • would be interested in photo of your plaque of no i engine with bulmers stone , my grandfather operated he signals on the 100 year rerun anniversary regards Stan .

      • Hi Stan
        I also have a plaque like yours.
        I think it came from my Grandfather who lived in Darlington. Did you receive any more information about it ?
        I would be interested to hear.

    • I am of an age to remember both engine and stone on Bank Top Station, Darlington. I also remember the Darlington Public Library donated by the Pease family, Darlington Quakers, now moved to another building with nobody knowing or admitting they know what will happen to the donated building that also housed a wonderful junior library, art gallery, reading room and latterly computers for public use. Computers essential to some unemployed and some disabled to claim the benefits to which they are entitled. I joined that junior library some seventy eight years ago, a mind boggling experience for a child never to be forgotten. It seems political and societal requirements a very different these days.

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  4. I remember Boulmers Stone when living in Darlington as a child 60-70 years ago, more interesting is where on earth is No 1 engine, they don’t even know at NRM Shildon. Also what happened to all the wonderful models that used to be in Darlington Museum before the council disposed of it.

  5. I have got a Locomotion No 1 and Bulmer Stone plaque. Unlike the ones mentioned mine is tin rather than brass. The actual plaque is in good condition but the oak backing has two ugly screw holes through it. It caught my attention at a flea market because I was involved in restoring the North Road museum.

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