Middlesbrough Station Bombing, Monday August 3rd 1942

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The bombing of Middlesbrough Train Station is well reported in local books.

Middlesbrough Railway Station Bombing

This small plaque inside the station commemorates the eight people killed that day.
James Fred Bink, John William Bowe, Derek Corfield, Charles Raymond Taylor, George William Barnett (should be Barrett), Timothy Carroll, Soloman Peter Niman and William Henry Thornelowe.

3 thoughts on “Middlesbrough Station Bombing, Monday August 3rd 1942

  1. My book, Air Raid Diary (the Luftwaffe attacks on Teesside, 1940-1943) tells the full story of the raid on Middlesbrough station 3 August 1942, as well as detailing all of the attacks on the wider Teesside are from Hatrlepool to Whitby. Available from Waterstones, WH Smith, Guisborough Bookshop or direct from me (via my website)

  2. My great uncle was one of the casualties on this plaque but his name is wrong it should be George William BARRETT.
    Pauline .

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