Winterschladens 1885 – 1980

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What is now the Cornerhouse nightclub was for 95 years the premises of wine importer Joseph Winterschladen
Middlesbrough Railway Station

Winterschladen was born in Cologne in 1842, he came to Middlesbrough in 1865, his grave can be found in St Cuthberts churchyard, Marton.

Middlesbrough Cornerhouse
Middlesbrough Cornerhouse

Heres a vintage photo of the location from the Kirklees Image Archive, who kindly allow use of the photos for non-Commercial purposes.

48 thoughts on “Winterschladens 1885 – 1980

  1. I remember this being Winterschladens. They also had a number of off-licences – I recall that there was one in Redcar on the corner of Park Avenue and Redcar Lane and possibly one at Green Lane…

    • After Zetland Road, the oldest branch shop was in Waterloo Road, which had a golden cockerell over the door. The cockerell can still be seen in the Dorman Museum.

      • My mum worked their and later managed their shop in smear ham street north ormsby (doggy) for 4 yrs we then took over stag stores another winterschladens in lint horse village and my sister glen managed the markse by the sea store then hintons bought them out and closed nearly all the stores very happy memories for me 👍

      • worked for Winterschladens late 60s, alongside a David W and i think a Keith W, twins as i recall, man at the top was Joe W. The off-licence was known as The Golden Cock stores, used to go and collect my Nana’s Top Mill snuff. They also had another store on Linthorpe Road between The Park Hotel and The Cleveland Hotel known as The Stag Stores, large stone stag on the top of the building above the entrance.

  2. And over the road, Robin Winterschladen (the sprog of the family) ran the long gone Bodega cellar bar below the old Royal Exchange in the late 1970’s. Any pics of the bar surviving, I wonder ?

    • My Mam ( now deceased ) worked for Dents Lemonade, which was a sister company of Winterschladen

      You mention Robin Winterschladen, I worked at Gunns Bakery in Middlesbrough, from 1976 to 1983, and Robin was a customer, I remember he was very well spoken, and a really nice guy

  3. They had 1/4 acre of cellars next to Middlesbrough railway station. They imported Guinness in wooden hogsheads (54 gallons) from their Dublin brewery via Liverpool, and bottled it, nothing like today’s ‘draught’ and bottled Guinness! My parents used to buy their bottled Guinness, and bottled Mackeson, from Ruff’s off-licence at the bottom of Costa Street where we lived. My last buy from Winterschladen’s was a crate of SIP Aperitivo white port, in 1968.

    • Hi Keith my dad worked here as a clerk / manager (Charles Robinson aka ‘ray’) but sadly contracted mesothelioma possibly from the lagging of the pipes/ boiler room??
      Looking for some help/assistance on the layout of the plant? Really would appreciate anyone’s help.
      Many thanks
      Christopher Robinson

      • Hi, I worked alongside a guy by the mame of Ray Robinson in Winterschladens bottling plant, I think in East Street over the border Middlesbrough, late 60s.

  4. Winterschladens also had the house on Marton Road/Longlands roundabout. It used to be the toll gate for Marton Road and the boundary for the extent of Middlesbrough. I believe it was originally two dwellings .

    • Joseph Winterschladen moved into the cottage next to the next to the toll cottage in 1874 just prior to his marriage in 1875 to Mary Jane Barrett. When the tollbar moved further out to Belle Vue, he took over the toll cottage as well, turning the two cottages into one house, which he named Rhine Lodge. They brought up their eight children there, and it remained in the family until 1932.

      • Hi Richard – I’m Sarah, daughter of David (deceased) Grand daughter of Joe and Pamela.
        I just googled Winterschladen’s as i was explaining to a friend about the off licence’s we had and you appeared. Just wandering what the link is.


        Ps my middle name is La-tache – 1976 Burgundy, typical for a Winterschladen!

        • Hi Sarah,

          I attended a the birth of A Wintershladen baby at The Mount in Northallerton in 1976. I wondered if you knew who it was. I was a very young Cadet Nurse and often think back with fond memories.


          • Hi Carolyn-i was born in 1976 in Northallerton so i’m guessing you witnessed me being born!

        • Hi Sarah,

          Sorry to hear about your dad David, I met you many years ago, when I lodged with David at the cottage in Borrowby, He taught me a lot about wine (got me to drink some too) ha ha.. He also used to do events at the weekends and he roped me in for the silver service. that was after he had the pub at the top of Sutton Bank where he was noted for his Aberdeen Angus Stakes. It was a pleasure to have known him.

  5. I’ve located a picture that includes Winterschladen advertising. The picture was, I believe, taken during a football match in either April 1914 or March 1915 at Ayresome Park. Is there anyone who can help me confirm that this was in fact an image from Middlesbrough FC’s ground? If so, please email me at and I will send the image. Thanks.

  6. Looks like the vaults are collapsing. All the front of the station is closed off ‘Fragile Surface’ it says on the signs. Only access to the station is up the steps next to the Albert Bridge.

  7. my dad and i used to drink in a pub in sutton just up from thirsk,it was run by a david winterschladen and his wife unfortunately i can not remember his wife’s name.i spent many a lock-in.we worked for gleeson engineering on the by-pass. we hired a caravan from the farmer (john?).

  8. Hi “Sarah Winterschladen” As far as I know, the Winterschladens in the UK are descended from wine merchant Henry Joseph Balthasar Hubert Winterschladen of Cologne. His father-in-law Frederick Barrett is in my family tree [g.g.grandfather]. My Tree diagram is in my web-pages together with contact details. Geoff Royle, Manchester, U.K.

  9. Hi Sarah
    We have just opened a bottle of 1970 bordeaux, bought from your father. The name is still clear on the cork, which is how we found this site. My father, Ted Gill, is partially responsible for your middle name I’m afraid as he used to own the pub in Sutton and spent many hours drinking wine with your father!! They are lying close to eachother now…

  10. Hello Sarah, I knew your Dad. My Dad worked for the firm as Foreman mechanic. (Nelson Place – off Albert Street, then Lower Gosford Street – ex Dents body shop)
    David liked the cars I liked, although when I first met him, the “firm” had given him a Morris Thousand pick up (green it was). I took photos of my dad changing the engine after David had blown it up.
    Lower Gosford St – Empties return and pick up. My Gran worked there in later life overseeing the overalls laundry. First worked for Dents Lemonade, which Winterschladens took over. (Free bottle of Soda Pop for me every week)
    (Errmmm free crate of beer for my Dad every week, as every other senior worker)
    David gave me a 22 Webly air rifle – I tried to straighten out his treasured Presley 12 inch vinyls which he left in his car to buckle in the sun.
    His Dad – JC? Loved Jags. Maroon Mk 2 3.4. I remeber my Dad replacing the timing chains, replacing all the front end suspension. This was the very first car I took to 100 mph (JC wanted it testing) Trunk road – Lackenby to Dormanstown.
    Jim I remember preferred fords -Neshams – where the firm bought thier trucks – primer gray -then painted “Rex blue – with black mud guards and sillver chassis”
    Jim and Zuilmah lived in Corporation Road Redcar at the time.
    Was another brother – Harry/James/Henry the company secretary before Jim?
    The vaults under Zetland Rd – where they used to blend wines and spirits. I remember a ride to Dents Wharf to pick up a very large cask of Rum – full proof – Dad and others got a sample – burned your shirt off (I had a sip).
    I played Bass fiddle at a few cocerts/operas with Zuilmah.
    Loads of memories – Sid Walton (fairly high up at Albert st bottling plant (Bass/Worthington) founded Walton Mole using Winterschladen machines to get his prototypes
    Signwriter for the trucks – gassed in ww1 – arms and hands shook all over – until he put the brush on the job.
    Joiners shop in Lower Feversham St. where they made shop fittigs and repaired the beer and lemonade crates
    Station St where Dents factory was.
    The Hintons take over.
    Your Dad, the last time I saw him, at Sutton saying “Hello George, is this a prospective Mrs Baxter”? Turned out she was just prospecting – Ah well

  11. I’ve found a photo of a crown cork opener in my collection of images. It has “Winterschladen” cast in it.
    email if interested : – miagre1 AT tiscali dot co dot uk


  12. Winterschladen also owned public houses I believe they had seven, but I can only name The Anchor Guisborough. The Blackwell Ox Carlton in Cleveland. The Clarendon (AKA Middle house) Marske. The Bodega under the Royal Exchange Middlesbrough. Does anyone know the other 3?
    I believe the pubs were offered to the sitting tenants at a reasonable price. The Hinton family (I believe) had Quaker connections & it was thought that the public houses did not fit in with their image (Though how they got over the wine trade booze connection I cannot imagine)

  13. I have a Winterschladen’s Soda Water syphon which my dad used to sell in his shop in Clarendon Road Middlesbrough. It will date from the 1960’s. Anyone interested?

    • Hi Margaret my names Steve my parents had a winterschladens off liecence in north ormesby for 4 yrs then we had stag stores on linthorpe rd for quite a number of years before it closed I’m interested in the soda syphon as I have some memorabilia including a very old photo of stag stores
      Regards Steve

      • Hi Steve my family own the Stag house building and was wondering if you have any information or pictures of the building? Thanks, Kind regards, Sophia

  14. I am very fond of the Winterschladen family for the strangest of reasons, reason one being whenever my mother and father argued she’d up and leave him and would hitch-hike with two small boys in tow – her 2 sons- to York to stay with relations until “peace was restored and a cease fire arranged,”. On one such day in 1948 she was given a lift by a Winterschladen family member who was driving to York, I was very impressed by him and the posh car he was driving, and even more so by the fact his glove compartment was stuffed with bars of Cadburys Dairy Milk which he handed out. And a few years later, my brother and I had gone to see the Transporter Bridge working, on the way back to Middlesbrough Town Hall to catch the famous “O bus home” he was knocked down by a BRS truck right outside their ‘station corner shop; obviously the staff all rushed out to help, I can remember standing there trembling with tears running down my face as he lay there trapped under the wheel, they got him out and an ambulance soon arrived and off to the Middlesbrough General Hospital we went, he had an broken arm and shoulder injuries. So whenever I passed Winterschladens shop I recalled this traffic accident and was always grateful to them for the help given to two small boys. Thank you.

    * I understood that the original Mr Joseph Winterschladen was Jewish and so was Amos Hinton. I have studied Jewish history and would like to point out that British Jews are descended from Russians, and more often than not from the poorest of Russian ethnic areas with the worst being an area known as the “Stetl”. The Stetl was a swampland with no great value, they were forbidden to work (to hold a job) but could trade, could buy and sell and own a business, so this Government Decree created thousands of small Jewish business men, their children could not go to school – so they built and created their own schools and churches (synagogues) the Jewish schools were far better than the Russian schools and spawned a Jewish Working class of great dreamers. All that needs to be said is Michael Marks of Marks & Spencer fame fled the Stetl, he arrived by ship in Hartlepool and settled in Stockton later moving to Leeds. In his own way Mr Winterschladen was another Michael Marks, so was Mr Hinton. and Britain needed these men of iron. This story of freedom for all continued in London, Amsterdam, New York and it ended in Hollywood, its bondage roots lie in a Russian wasteland whose citizens grouped together in a self-help plan by forming their own schools and educating their children.

    • Great story Bob thanks for sharing it, I have connections to Winterschladens myself I lived at Stag stores in Linthorpe village for a number of years and the Winterschladens on smeaton st in north ormsby before that mum and dad running the off licences, It’s funny you should mention Hintons, if I remember correctly the Hinton family bought out Winterschladens which is why we moved because their was a hintons supermarket in linthorpe so they closed the off license to save money. My sister ran the Winterschladens in Marske by the sea my mum an sister bought the lease and opened a record shop. Great memories of that time.

  15. (Steve Whitham) thank you Steve for the compliment on my comments above on the Winterschladen family & company.

    A question: How do you pronounce the name Winterschladen? I have always said Winter-Sch-Lade-den, but understand others pronounce it Widder-Slidd-den? My knowledge of spoken German is non-existent and looking at the word as it is written I’d guess the name holder was a Mr ‘Joseph Winter’ from Schladen in Germany who arrived here, the name used and given by him I think meant Mr Winter (from) Schladen – being the birth name and the place of origin name combined maybe 200 years ago? before Brexit.

    • Your welcome Bob we always pronounced it winter shlar den best years of my life living at stag stores, it’s a cafe now I had the pleasure of going in the back of the cafe recently and given a tour very different now of course
      I also got a tour of the head office the cellars were amazing under the boro railway station when I was younger
      good times indeed

  16. SW: Next time I’m in the Middlesbrough area I will stop near the old Winterschladen offices and adjacent cellars and have a trip down memory lane. The road accident I mentioned was emotionally painful for me because on my return home from the hospital the Police had just been to the house to inform my mother that my brother Tom had had an accident and was in Hospital, and she thought I had allowed him to climb up the Transporter Bridge and he had fallen off it. So when I walked through the door I was attacked by her, she should have got 6-months jail. When I told her we were stood at Winterschladen Corner waiting for the lights to change to red, and he had walked out into the road in front of the truck it made no difference. I had a nightmare mother and upbringing, and was glad to leave home and Teesside due to this fact. I still have relations there but have not seen them for many years. Regards.

    • Omg that must have been horrendous at such a young age your mum must have been in shock but that’s no excuse for violence toward you it has obviously left a scare on you I had a very happy childhood with very loving parents on Friday I went on another trip down memory lane an visited Albert Park we lived in Waterloo rd from 1956 to 1967 the park seemed sooooo much smaller as I remember

  17. (@SW) Violence in Middlesbrough homes and on the streets: Many people would say it’s unfair and inaccurate to say that the Middlesbrough region was a deprived area, but I am not one of them, suffice to say when I was young it was spoken off in the same way as the Gorbals’s, Glasgow. Even as late has October 2015 it was claimed by an Official body that Middlesbrough area had the highest percentage of deprived neighborhoods, while Birmingham had the largest number (Middlesbro 1 – Birmingham 2)

    The department’s Indices of Deprivation scored neighbourhood’s according to seven key areas including crime, health and employment. It found almost half of Middlesbrough’s 42 neighbourhoods were among the most deprived in the nation. Can you imagine what the score would have been if those genteel folk with black polished shoes, trilby hats and white handkerchiefs had visited Middlesbrough when Cannon Street and Over the Border where on the go? All one can say is what did they expect from a steel works and heavy engineering and chemicals area – river docks based and V.C. winners town. In a way this is why I am proud of the Winterschladen family, and Hintons, Uptons, Revie, Clough, Mannion and Capt Cook, who each in their own way bestowed a source of great civic and citizen pride over the town.

    • How right you are, I’ve worked all over the UK and there are places in the UK I would not wish to live in Middlesborough is not one of them. People should cherish the people who have contributed to the wellbeing of their community.

  18. Excerpt From The London Gazette, 17/ 03 / 1966.


    Notice is hereby given that by a Deed Poll dated the 8th day of March 1966, duly executed and attested, and enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court of Judicature on the 16th day of March 1966, RAYMOND HARRY WINTERSCHLADEN of “Windyck”, Dikes Lane, Great Ayton in the North Riding of the county of York, Company Director, a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by birth on behalf of himself, his wife and children has formally and absolutely renounced and abandoned the surname of Wintersladen and has assumed and adopted and intends thenceforth upon all occasions whatsoever to use and subscribe the surname of Winterschladen instead of Wintersladen so as to be at all times thereafter called, known and described by the name of Raymond Harry Winterschladen exclusively. Dated the 17th day of March 1966. Belk & Smith, 33 Albert Road, Middlesbrough, Solicitors for the said Raymond Harry Winterschladen.

  19. Obituary Notice Evening Gazette.

    Zuilmah Winterschladen : Published in the Evening Gazette on 28th January 2013.

    WINTERSCHLADEN Zuilmah (nee Hopkins) Peacefully in hospital on January 23 after a short illness, Zuilmah aged 87. Beloved wife of the late Jim, much loved mother of Anne, Jonathan, Robin and Jenny. Mother-in-law of Vivienne, Gary and the late Jenny and granny of Robert, Katy, Joe, Emma, Jack and James. Sadly missed by all family, friends and her singing pupils. Funeral service to take place on Friday, February 1 at Christ Church, Great Ayton at 1pm followed by private family cremation service. Any pupils, past or present, who would like to take part in a musical tribute to Zuilmah should meet at the church hall at 11.45am. Family flowers only, donations in lieu if desired to The Stroke Association or The Friends Of The RSPCA, Great Ayton. Collection plate in church or sent to Ayton and District Funeral Service, 74 Newton Road, Great Ayton, TS9 6DG. Tel (01642) 724796.

  20. Tributes to Zuilmah Winterschlden, 21/03/2013.

    A YOUTH theatre has donated a percentage of profits from a recent show in memory of a former local opera singer. Former professional soprano, Zuilmah Hopkins, 87, from Manor House, Great Ayton, died earlier this year, she sang with the Glyndebourne Opera Company and sang on national radio and television. She also taught several well-known singers from the region, including Sarah Sweeting, resident singer at Sydney Opera House and actress Liz Carling. Mrs Winterschladen worked as a singing teacher until two weeks before her death. Theatrical group founder and director, Dan Brookes, said she was a “a very special lady” who gave them all an enjoyment of performing. “We were very lucky to have had, living locally, such a talented teacher and performer who enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience to pupils of all ages,” he said. “She came to see all her students in not just our shows but every show in which they performed and we all valued her opinions of the performances. I know she had been looking forward to coming to see Miss Saigon. Her presence in the audience was very much missed.” (R.I.P. )

  21. It was interesting to see the Deed Poll notice when Ray changed his name back from Wintersladen to Winterschladen (I think it was his father Henry who had removed the ‘ch’ at a time when German names were not popular in the UK). My mother Diana St John-Brooks (nee Wintersladen) was Ray’s sister. Sadly she died yesterday aged 94 after a long and very happy life. Being brought up the daughter of a wine merchant she always loved her wine and brought my siblings and me up to love it too (what’s not to like?)

  22. My father Charlie Jackson only ever worked for one firm, Winterschladens, all his life. We
    lived in Ruby Street. He started out with horses and carts delivering beer. He then acted as
    the bosses chauffeur and moved to Dent’s delivering by lorry and then in the office till he died. As a child I remember him always speaking well of the family.

  23. In 1966/67 my boyfriend was Kenneth Winterschladen, from Thatched Cottage, Glaisdale, North Yorkshire.
    He had a brother (maybe David) and they both attended Repton School.
    Ken was living in Cheshire when I met him. I often wonder how life has treated him over the years. I married in 1968 after meeting my husband in late 1967.
    I know his family firm was Wintershladen Wines and he did teach me about wine.

    • Hi Helen,

      I have just found this site. Ken is my uncle and has been living in Australia for the last 40ish years. He has two children, although he got divorced and has since re-married. He’s living up in the Hunter Valley now, surrounded by vineyards, running a guest house (he retired about 15 years when he was CEO of Jones Lang Wootton Australasia (a real estate business).

      David was my father, but unfortunately died in 2003.

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