Old Sea Wall revealed, Redcar

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Thanks to Dave Woods for pointing out that the work to renew the sea wall at Redcar has revealed something interesting. When the concrete has been removed from the area in front of the Park Hotel a solid sandstone wall has been revealed.
Redcar Old Seawall
I suspect this might be short lived as the new sea wall will be going on top of it.
Redcar Old Seawall
I’ve dug out an old photo which shows the same wall, although I have no idea of its date.

Update : This is hidden from view once more now the work in this area has progressed

1 thought on “Old Sea Wall revealed, Redcar

  1. My friend who lives on Granville Tce has told me that the gap in the terrace seen on the old photo was filled in 1915. So the old photo has to have been taken before then.

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