Cargo Fleet Road – Toll Bar

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This lovely but neglected building was once a Toll Bar on the road between Middlesbrough and Cargo Fleet.
Cargo Fleet Toll Bar
The building looks solid but the missing pieces of roof suggest it will now be ruined inside.
Cargo Fleet Toll Bar
Cargo Fleet Toll BarBolckow‘ has this¬†fantastic photo of it on his Flickr account.
Cargo Fleet Road Toll Bar
The building is said to date from 1854 and Middlesbrough was one of the last towns in the UK to have toll roads, only being abolished on 31st July 1916

4 thoughts on “Cargo Fleet Road – Toll Bar

  1. My uncle worked as a porter at Cargo Fleet station until he retired in the early 60’s and the Station Master lived in that house at the time.

  2. Building is totally destroyed inside though the s/case still remained when I surveyed it back in 2007. It was bought by local glazier, and Ormesby resident Paul Blake for conversion to a pub/restaurant in view of the potential development of the M’bro Dock as a marina. Unfortunately, the UK economic crisis of 2008-2010 followed and Paul suddenly passed-on a year or so later. I’ve no idea who now owns it.

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