Ayresome Gardens Vaughan and Gjers Grave Markers

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As I was driving past this morning, I noticed Steve Waller marking out some grave locations in the park, presumably for Heritage Week.
Vaughan and Gjers Graves, Middlesbrough
John Gjers was an ironmaster owning the Gjers Mills Ayresome Ironworks, Florence Gjers (his second wife) was the last burial in the park on 8th August 1950

John and Florence Gjers Grave, Middlesbrough
Immediately next to them is John Vaughan Jr (19 year-old son of the founder of Bolckow and Vaughan)
John Vaughan Jr Grave, Middlesbrough
You’ll probably have to be quick if you want to catch these and all the others that were marked out.

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  1. My great grandfather Nathaniel Lambert, worked for Gjers, Mills and was close to the family. He was one of few who carried the ‘recipe’ for their iron mix in his head! When he contracted TB the Gjers family wanted to send him to Switzerland to recuperate (all expenses paid) but he wouldn’t go. According to my mother his portrait/photo hung in the Gjers boardroom.

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