Upleatham Wesleyan Chapel

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The Wesleyan Chapel in Upleatham dates from 1862.
Wesleyan Chapel, Upleatham
As such it is one of the few survivors of the original village which was undermined by the Upleatham Ironstone mine between 1890 and 1905, half the buildings being lost to subsidence after the ironstone below was extracted.
Wesleyan Chapel, Upleatham
 At this moment it is currently up for sale.

2 thoughts on “Upleatham Wesleyan Chapel

  1. Apparently Upleatham Hall was lost to mining. There some details of it in Simon’s book. It seems such a shame as it was an impressive building in it’s day..

  2. we use to play in it when we were little i lived in the village 1972 too 1977 about but my family had been up a lot longer before i came along and i still have family living there now

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