6 thoughts on “Railway Goods Shed, Marske

  1. I recall that the building was, in the very early 1970’s, rented out to Les Bell, who begun a milk and dairy goods round, and from this, the beginnings of Teesside’s biggest convenience store chain, Bells Stores (now alas sold out to Sainsbury’s in yet another loss of a local retail identity)

    • When I left School in 1972 I Started Working for PA Wilson plumbing who rented this as a workshop and I spent more than one Winter up there cutting Glass. I dont recall when Peter left there but Bells Definately did not have it in the early70s

  2. I started using Marske station in the early 1960s. The station building and the platforms were lit by gas mantle lamps. The steel bridge was there, but only had steps on both sides. I recall the station master helping my mother with a pram take it over the tracks!

    Signalling was semaphore, from the Longbeck signal box (which also controlled the hand-winched level crossing there). There was also a single point which went to the coal depot, so that coal wagons could discharge there. I never saw that in operation though.

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