Old Police Station, Redcar

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The Police Station in Redcar dates from 1910 and stopped being used in November 2006 when a new HQ opened at Kirkleatham, with a small office on Lord Street, it has since been converted into houses.
Old Police Station, Redcar
The railing over the entrance spell out NRCC, possibly North Riding County Council or Constabulary ?
Old Police Station, Redcar
The old court house to the rear of the police station has also been converted.
Old Court House, Redcar

5 thoughts on “Old Police Station, Redcar

  1. I would guess ‘constabulary’, as there is a similar sign / motif on the front façade of North Ormesby police station (which dates it to the time when Doggy was not a formal part of Middlesbrough County Borough). That’s worth a pic at some time too.

  2. hi my name is alan metcalfe. my great uncle thomas metcalfe was a police sergeant at redcar police station in the 1930/s. any info on him or police station would be great . thanks alan metcalfe.

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