Saltscar School Demolition, Redcar

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The old Saltscar School was demolished in March / April 2012.
The buildings only dated from 1960-63 but needed £1.7m to bring them back into use.
The site started life as Sir William Turners Grammar School, became Saltscar in 1975 which lasted until 1987 when it merged with Westfield to become West Redcar, although the two top years finished off here until 1989, finally in later years it was the Redcar Education Development Centre. The Architect was Julian Leatheart and Sons of London who specialised in cinemas.

Mike Drewery kindly provided me with this great set of photos of the demolition and some internal shots.

The floor of the gym was apparently of excellent quality.

Skelton Mill

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A corn mill has been recorded in Skelton since as early as 1272 although these buildings probably date from the 19th century. Only the building without the roof was actually the mill
Skelton Mill
Skelton Mill
The mill was still being used to generate electricity rather than mill corn when it was hit by a Germany bomb on 15th or 16th April 1942 (sources vary)

The remains were reduced in 1965 to allow for the widening of the road as it now goes right through the location of the mill.

The two historical images above come from Bill Danbys excellent Skelton History pages.

US Presidents Daughter in Kirkleatham

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Esther Cleveland (September 9, 1893 – June 25, 1980) was the daughter of American president Grover Cleveland, she is the only child of a President to have been born in the White House.
William and Esther Bosanquet, Kirkleatham
Esther married Captain William Bosanquet in 1918,  who became the manager of Skinningrove Iron Works after fighting in the First World War, they lived in Kirkleatham Old Hall which is now a museum.

This 1934 newspaper article from America newspaper pictures her outside the Hall, Esther returned to America in 1966 after the death of her husband and is buried in New Hampshire

Their daughter was the British philosopher Philippa Foot.

Ayresome Gardens Vaughan and Gjers Grave Markers

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As I was driving past this morning, I noticed Steve Waller marking out some grave locations in the park, presumably for Heritage Week.
Vaughan and Gjers Graves, Middlesbrough
John Gjers was an ironmaster owning the Gjers Mills Ayresome Ironworks, Florence Gjers (his second wife) was the last burial in the park on 8th August 1950

John and Florence Gjers Grave, Middlesbrough
Immediately next to them is John Vaughan Jr (19 year-old son of the founder of Bolckow and Vaughan)
John Vaughan Jr Grave, Middlesbrough
You’ll probably have to be quick if you want to catch these and all the others that were marked out.

2012 Heritage Open Days

There are a large amount of events this weekend allowing visits to sites that are not usually open to the public.

A few examples :-

Loftus Town Hall, one of the oldest in the region. Open day with self-guided building tour, display featuring industrial and working-life heritage of the area (alum, ironstone mining, stonemasonry etc). Saturday 8th September: 1000-1600

Middlesbrough Town Hall Tour, Take this rare opportunity for a guided tour around Middlesbrough’s Town Hall. The tour will include the chance to see the council chamber, civic portraits and civic silver, as well as the Victorian concert Hall with its rich history of architecture and performances.  Thursday 6th September: 1030-1200

PD Ports Open Day, A rare opportunity to take a look at the interior of this beautiful Edwardian building. Look around the board room of PD Ports in Queens Square.Friday 7th September: Tour 1100