Ayresome Quaker Burial Ground

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This area of Linthorpe Cemetery is entiely populated with the identical simple gravestones of Quakers.
Quaker Burial Ground, Linthorpe Cemetery
Quaker Burial Ground, Linthorpe Cemetery
It pre-dates the rest of cemetery hugely as it was established in 1660, all the original stone were removed in 1717 as was the custom of the time for Quakers. Between 1745 and 1855 other sites were used before burial resumed here with the simple gravestones up until the present day.
Quaker Burial Ground, Linthorpe Cemetery
The current main Linthorpe graveyard surrounding this one was not established until 1869.

9 thoughts on “Ayresome Quaker Burial Ground

  1. So does that mean that the (Quaker) graveyard site does, in fact, date back to Circa 1660 ? If so, would it have been for the Acklam Parish as part of a wider Parish graveyard – or have I got this really mixed up ?

    • When they built the Hippodrome in 1908,in Wilson street, it was built on a old Quakers burial ground. They exhumed the remain’s in the dead of night and transferred them to Linthorpe cemetery.

  2. Amazing. I do know there was an early Quaker meeting house in Guisborough and I assumed that any burials would have been thereabouts. As Bogart said ‘I was misinformed’.

  3. There is a Quaker burial ground in Guisborough, it is behind the Library which is on the site of the old Meeting House. You can see the grave stones..

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