Middlesbrough Co-operative Society – Ghostsign

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These old signs have recently been uncovered while this shop on Marton Road is being refitted
Middlesbrough Co-operative Society
Middlesbrough Co-operative Society
I don’t know when the Middlesbrough Co-operative Society ceased to exist, but suspect it was some time in the early 1970s. I also have no specific details on when this branch was open other than a recollection elsewhere of one window being a butchers in the 1950’s

As kindly pointed out to me in the comments, there are also some remaining signs for the dairy on the gateposts of the nearby flats.
Co-Op Dairy, Marton Road Middlesbrough

Update : The new shop is now complete and the signs are hopefully just hidden again rather than destroyed.

7 thoughts on “Middlesbrough Co-operative Society – Ghostsign

  1. Middlesbrough Co-op went into the North East Co-op in 1969 at around the same time that NECS absorbed the Stockton Co-op and the Hartlepools Co-op. That left only the East Cleveland (later Skelton) Co-op and the tiny Grosmont society as independent entities. These in turn succumbed to absorption in the late 1980’s (I seem to recall)

  2. This shop has been refitted many times but I can’t recall the co-op signage being revealed before. I think it used to be the dairy but since then has been a frozen food store, carpet shop and undertakers.

  3. it was also used as a car salerooms ,, the co op dairy was next door to this , there is still some faint lettering on the columns where the flats are now

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