Forbes Family Grave, Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough

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John Forbes was a baker originally from Aberdeen who had the Forbes Buildings on Linthorpe Road built.
John Forbes, Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough.
He was mayor of Middlesbrough in 1904 and died on March 9th 1934 aged 82.
His first wife died aged just 32 in 1885, a daughter and three sons also all died before him, one son Albert Edward Forbes from war wounds in 1920.
Forbes was heaving involved in local sport being listed as :-
Vice-president of Middlesbrough Amateur Swimming Club
Vice-president of Middlesbrough Magpies Cycling Club
Vice-president of Cleveland Roads Cycling Club
Vice-president of North Ormesby & Middlesbrough Cycling Club
Vice-president of Middlesbrough Amateur Gymnastic Club

7 thoughts on “Forbes Family Grave, Linthorpe Cemetery, Middlesbrough

  1. I’m a Great Great Granddaugter of John Forbes. He was survived by his son John George Forbes who died in 1955 and is buried in Aklam Cemetry and his second wife Jane Ann Campbell who died in 1940 and is also buried in Linthorpe cemetry.

    He had several shops around Teeside Redcar, Hartlepool – I’m not sure about another bakery in Stockton – he probably did

    I’m very Intrested in any memories of the family and business and also hearing from other living relatives.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Fiona, I’m a great great grandson of John Forbes. Albert was my great grandfather, and his daughter Joan was my grandmother. I’ve known a lot about Albert my whole life, but I’ve only just started to find things out about John. Your name popped up in a bunch of my searches, so I thought I should say hello.

      I’m trying to find out more about John’s parents, but that hasn’t been easy.

      • Hi, Fiona and Ben, I’m a Great Granddaughter of John Forbes. My father was also a John Forbes. He refused to work in the bakery and went to work in Canada for several years coming back to work in Middlesbrough in the 1930’s and became a draughtsman for Teesside Bridge and Engineering company. I understood that my Great Grandfather started baking and selling bread from a handcart at a young age. My father had a brother , Vincent, who emigrated to Canada. He had a son and daughter, my cousins, but I have never met them and have no other relatives. I would be very interested to know more about the family.

  2. My first job leaving collegel was in Forbes bakery in the office, it made Mothers Pride bread in my day (early 60’s) they were a very old fashioned firm, when the man in charge (I can not remember his name) but if he came into the office there was not a word to be spoken while he was there, (for me this was difficult as I was on the tiny switchboard) I used to hope the phone would not ring while he was in. The Office Manager was a man named Clive (I thought he was horrible, very sarcastic I was glad to leave). I was a shorthand typist there.

  3. I may be way off track. I’m a relative of John Forbes H and J forbes
    Forbes leisure from Middlesbrough
    Harold Forbes was my grandad and John my uncle.
    Any connection to this Forbes family?

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