Port Mulgrave Ironstone Mine

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The ironstone mine at Port Mulgrave was started by Charles Mark Palmer in the 1850s and was originally called ‘Far Rosedale’ or ‘Rosedale on the Coast’ , it was renamed to avoid confusion with the Rosedale Mines.

The Main Seam at this location is actually slightly below sea level and shafts existed on the shore, but no trace of these remain due to landslips, additional quarrying and underground working of the Top Seam took place much higher up the cliffs and a shaft was sunk to connect to Top Seam workings with the wooden loading gantry on the harbour. The tunnel where this emerged from the cliffs is still visible.
Port Mulgrave Tunnel Entrance
The gate is now securely locked and the tunnel cannot be entered, I took the following photos back in 2007 when it was not locked, they show the large roof collapse just inside the entrance
Port Mulgrave Tunnel
The brickwork of the tunnel is almost built directly into the cliff face.
Port Mulgrave Tunnel

I believe the bricked-up entrance was used as a pillbox during World War 2, hence the loop hole.
Port Mulgrave Tunnel


The tunnel inside was extended in the 1870s to connect to the Grinkle Mine also owned by Charles Mark Palmer via Dalehouse.

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  1. My parents owned a large house at Port Mulgrave just after WW11 called The Anchorage. They converted the stables and outbuildings into a textile factory and employed several girls from the area, notably Long Row. The house was also used as a private hotel.
    Is this the house owned by Mr Palmer who ran the mine ?

    • Are you by any chance related to Mr Peter Thirsk and Mrs Dorothy Mildred Thirsk who owned some property at Cliff Cottages in 1951. My wife and I own No4 and are trying to trace the history of the Cottages.
      Thank you

      • My grandad was born in port mulgrave, bungalow cottages maybe number 8. John Lesley Barugh he was called, would love to know if anybody has any local history on his family or the cottages.

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